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Alistair Whyte (Vale) has been working as a master potter for 50+ years now. He honed his skills in Japan after his early studies in Australia. The influences and skills shown in his work are strongly aligned with the orient, although much of what he makes currently is an interpretation of all of his learnings. Alistair resides in a beautiful part of the Yarra Valley that suits the sort of material he works in. Making pottery takes time and much contemplation.

"I believe in working from the heart and keeping up a high standard. Come and view the result of my recent efforts"

Alistair Photo_sml.tif


Master Potter specialising in porcelain

1954 - 2023

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The family are currently not selling any of Alistair's work, but there are plans for this to change in the future. If you are interested in updates regarding future sales and exhibitions, please sign up here. 

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Available Works

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